“I applaud US Soccer Foundation and Active Children Portland’s initiative.”

Senator Ron Wyden

“We’ve partnered with Active Children Portland for ­five years… many of the youth look forward to soccer as one of the highlights of their day.”

CEO, Metropolitan Family Services

Active Children Portland ran the most ethnically diverse program in the entire country.

2013, US Soccer Foundation

“Soccer for Success is impacting 250 at risk youth in grades K-8.”

Mayor, City of Gresham

Active Children Portland’s program cultivates the development of social skills, team work efforts, and positive decision making opportunities for all participating students.

Executive Director, Latino Network

Organizations like Active Children Portland are essential when addressing equity issues in access to extracurricular activities in low income communities like ours and are paramount in advancing our mission: Comunidad Viva.

Hacienda CDC

Our programming is proven to significantly impact our participants, their families, and their community as indicated below:

  • 84% of Active Children Portland participants improved or maintained their body mass index percentile.
  • 81% of participants improved or maintained their aerobic capacity.
  • 74% of participants improved their nutritional knowledge.
  • 100% of children enrolled in our programs quality for free or reduced lunch.
  • After-school programs play an important role in encouraging physical activity and good dietary habits. Participation in afterschool programs has been associated with positive health outcomes, including reduced obesity. (Mahoney, J et al.)
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