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Our mission

Active Children Portland’s mission is to empower students to lead healthy lives, succeed academically, and inspire positive community engagement. The organization began in 2011 with the vision to transform communities and serve hundreds of local students through youth sports. Active Children Portland program participants receive programming 30 weeks a year, 4 days per week, which keeps them active, healthy, and engaged in a positive and stable after-school environment.

Our programs focus on helping all participants to develop the confidence and life skills they need to succeed. We believe that by taking a holistic and comprehensive approach to youth-development, and by focusing on kids who need it the most, we CAN make a positive difference for the next generation.


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30 weeks of after-school programming to over 600 under-served, urban elementary and middle school students at eleven different sites throughout the Portland metro area.

97% of the children enrolled in our programs qualify for free or reduced lunches. In fall and spring, we engage youth through America SCORES and Soccer for Success (US Soccer Foundation) programming, which integrates soccer, creative writing, nutrition education, and community service projects.

Our Basketball program allows athletes to learn the movements of sport but provides space for players to be creative and flexible. It is one of the few curriculum that focus on creating a love of the process of sport, not the outcome (winning and losing). Players enjoy playing more and it gives them the skills they need to play outside the context of organized basketball. Additionally, our program doesn’t take time away from the activity for character development. We have integrated all of that into the practice sessions used research based strategies. Our three primary youth development outcomes are conflict resolution, empathy building and goal settling. We believe that all of these are central to positive youth development.



Holistic education works!!

America Scores is a program that Active Children Portland has partnered with that integrates soccer, poetry and service-learning, with an approach that improves students’ health, academic achievement…

Our Team of the week!

Team of the Week: Whitman Wildcats

The Whitman Wildcats 5th grade boys team likes to have fun! Coach Tim Hale is someone who understands Active Children Portland’s program goals which means the kids have fun and learn life skills every practice and every game.

Tim starts practice with free time in order for him to check in with students and understand how their day is going. This helps him understand how to address issues if they come up during practice. Kids at school don’t get time to regulate their own behavior in unstructured environments due to cutbacks of recess and physical education.

After free time Tim brings the team in for an opening circle where the kids discuss goal setting and their goals for the day. This is also a great opportunity for the kids to bring up any tough issues that might have happened that day at school, and time is allowed for the team to discuss the conflict that might have occurred.

During practice Coach Tim is constantly recognizing positive behavior and acknowledging the hard work of the team. He makes sure that he is giving praise to students who might have had a tough day at school or who might be struggling with something at home. He finishes practice with a fun scrimmage that reaffirms his earlier coaching points and addresses anything they’ll need to work on during their weekend games.

Tim finishes practice with an appreciation circle where the kids demonstrate the family atmosphere that Coach Tim has developed with his team. The students also readdress their daily goals or any conflict that might have happened during practice during the appreciation circle.

Active Children Portland is lucky to have such a great coach and such a great team. The team cares about each other, they care about their goals, and they care about becoming better community members one practice at a time. We want to recognize the Whitman Wildcats 5th grade boys team as our “Team of the Week!”

Our Game. Together, We are Soccer!

One of our favorite thing about soccer is how it connects people from different backgrounds in a fun and meaningful way.

Miguel Torres

Miguel Torres, is a second grader who is doing Active Children Portland, Soccer for Success program for the first time. He moved to Portland last year with his parents from Morelos, Mexico to seek a different lifestyle. Miguel is still working really hard on learning English. Although, it has been challenging he wants to feel included through communicating with his teachers and fellow students. However,