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Jobs & Coaching

We’re looking for compassionate Coach-Mentors to work with kids at schools throughout the metro! You don’t need to know soccer or have coached before, just a commitment to youth development and being a positive role model!

Coach-Mentors are the key to the success of Active Children Portland programming. Unlike a drop-in center, coach-mentors work with the same group of 15 kids throughout a season or entire school year. The paid positions are generally 2-3 hours a day, Monday through Thursdays.

To learn more about Active Children Portland’s specific curriculum or this inspiring opportunity, click on the Coach-Mentor button to read more or apply.

Board & Committees

Board members bring a variety of skills valuable to Active Children Portland – if you are interested in a leadership role, we’re looking for people to support our mission in programming, finance, marketing, development, legal, and HR.

Board and committee members are vital to the programmatic success and financial health of the organization. Your specific expertise in health, education, or youth development will help us increase outcomes for the kids we serve. Experience in development or fundraising, finance, or legal can help meet the growing demand for quality services while we seek to expand. Click below for more information on commitments, or contact Kimberly Bergstrom at


Your unique passions and skills can make a huge difference to the youth at Active Children Portland. There are countless ways people who support our mission can donate their time and talents to our programs!

We love having corporate and school groups help out with tournaments, events, and field clean ups. We can accommodate any sized group and find roles that will meet interests and accessibility. You don’t have to know soccer, just a positive outlook on supporting our communities!

Volunteer at any of our program locations as an Assistant Coach and/or as a Writing/Service-Learning Mentor. This position requires an 8-10 week commitment of, at minimum, one afternoon per week.

If you have any unique skills that you are willing to donate, please let us know! We could use help with web design, graphic design, photography, video, and more!

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