Do you love soccer? We have the drills and tips to help you develop your skills. It doesn‘t matter if you’re just starting or have played for years. Check out all the information to improve your game, keep moving, and have fun!

Before you start any activity, make sure you Warm-Up for at least 5 minutes! This helps avoid injury and makes sure your muscles and heart are ready to have lots of FUN!

To warm-up, walk around and then jog in place, do some stretching, jumping jacks, or juggle a ball while dribbling. Click on the image for stretches and fun things you can do at home to keep moving. There are activities you can do on your own or with a family member.

Once you’re ready, there are 3 fundamentals, or keys, needed to play soccer. All the exercises and drills  are meant to help you improve your dribbling, passing, and receiving. Click here or on the picture to start!