5-2-1-0-9! What’s that mean for a healthy you?

Eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables. Limit screen time to 2 hours a day. Get moving for at least 1 hour. Have 0 sugar-sweetened drinks. Get 9 or more hours of sleep.

Click on the chart to learn more about keeping healthy with 5-2-1-0-9! There’s a Spanish and English version.

Set healthy goals and track your activities! This challenge will help you stay on track and feeling great! Ask your family or friends to join you and see how you all do.

You can print the tracker or use this to make your own! Just click on the picture for the larger version in English or Spanish.

The food that goes in you creates energy. That energy helps keep you going throughout the day. Eating the right foods can help you do better in school and in sports and keep you feeling better overall! Here are some tips to help you no matter what or how you play.

Click on the image to learn more about how eating right helps you!

Choosing what to drink is just as important as the healthy foods you eat. Your body needs water to be hydrated, and being hydrated helps your overall health! Water and hydration helps deliver all the nutrients from your food to the cells in your body, prevents infection, improves sleep, thinking, mood and more! So check out the information on this image about how to make smart hydration choices!

Different fruits and vegetables come from different places. What grows in what area and at what time of year depends on temperature, soil, and rain.

Do you know what fruits and vegetables best grow in Oregon? Oregon has many different climates, some hot and desert-like, others rainy and mountainous. This means different things grow well in different places. The same is true with the rest of the world. For example, pineapples only grow in warm, tropical places like Hawaii and Costa Rica. Grapes and hazelnuts love to grow right here in Oregon!

Click on the image to learn what fruits and vegetables grow in which season. You may discover some new ones!

Each of us has our own culture, the traditions and values that make up who we and our families are. Food plays a big part in culture and the sharing of traditions and stories.

Click on the cultural and family foods to learn more about traditional foods from other groups. What are some of your family’s food traditions? Do you have special meals for holidays or different occasions?