Dribbling is the way to move the ball all over the field.

To dribble means to run with the ball in many directions. Keep the ball close to you so you can control where it goes.

You can dribble using your laces, the inside, outside, and sole of your foot.

Keep the ball in front of you! With each step you should touch, or dribble, the ball.

Dribble with both feet. As you get better you can increase your speed and moves!


Passing is important! Along with dribbling, it’s the building block of being a great player. It’s how you move the ball from yourself to a teammate.

The best way to pass is to use the inside part of your foot. Point your toes towards the sky  and kick the ball.

Want to send the ball further, swing your leg with more power.

Imagine a face on the soccer ball, and all you need to do hit the ball right on the nose.


Control the ball when you receive it. If you do, you’ll be able to dribble, pass, or shoot with accuracy, getting the ball to where you want it to go. This sets you and your team up!

You can use the inside, outside, or sole of your foot to receive the ball.

To receive the ball, pull your foot back a little to cushion the ball. If you make full contact the ball will just hit your foot and bounce right out.