America SCORES National Poetry SLAM Participants

America SCORES National Poetry SLAM

Last weekend, two poet-athletes from Markham Elementary School in Portland performed at the America SCORES National Poetry SLAM! at the Apollo Theatre in NYC. We are so proud to offer these students the opportunity to have their creativity celebrated on a national stage. Woo hoo!

Dallas Anderson

Dallas gets ready to board the plane to New York City!

Dallas Anderson is a 5th grader known as “the epitome of team spirit!” She is very hard-working, loves to play soccer and sing and likes to incorporate jokes into her poems.
Andres Lopez

Andres is excited for his first flight ever

Andres Lopez is a 4th grader who shows great sportsmanship and a good attitude. He loves poetry “because it ROCKS!”

Both students participated in America SCORES this fall, a national program that combines soccer and literacy into an after school curriculum for 3rd-5th graders.We are so excited as this is Portland’s first year participating in the National Poetry SLAM! Dallas and Andres joined 28 other students from 14 America SCORES cities across the country and had the time of their lives. This year’s host was National Soccer Hall of Fame member, John Harkes and the Guest of Honor was New York Red Bulls President of Operations, Chris Heck. Dallas and Andres also met famous soccer players from the New York Red Bulls, shared the stage with smart-rapper – Psalm One, enjoyed a day at Central Park and gained the confidence and pride to perform in front of a packed house at the Apollo.

America SCORES National Poetry SLAM Participants

America SCORES National Poetry Slam participants perform their group poem


The Poems Performed by Active Children Portland’s Two National Poetry SLAM Participants:
Dallas:In the day,
During the night,
All the creatures come out to bite.
With sharp pointy teeth, and
Large round claws
They’re at the reef,
And out at the malls.There the Loch Ness Monster, Fred,
And the one that hides under your bed,
There’s the cookie monster
But he’s not that scary –
He’s just really hairy!

And he’s blue, but not that mean.
Although if you mention veggies,
He’ll scream!


Today my name is sleepy
I feel so creepy
I pretend that I am freaky

Yesterday my name was curious
I heard that I was furious
I found a little anger

Tomorrow my name will be “A”
I’ll forget all the hay
But I’ll remember my raise!

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