Why is Active Children Portland Programming different?

This basketball season Active Children Portland developed a new curriculum to implement at our sites. All the different schools took part in our boys and girls leagues, and the Markham Elementary girls team made it all the way to the finals!

This year we spent lot of time developing a new kind of way to look at the sport of basketball. Active Children Portland designed the season’s curriculum to be focused on students learning and practicing empathy, self-regulation and conflict resolution skills. While these skills are necessary to be successful on the court, they are even more important in the everyday lives of our athletes. bbb

The Markham’s Basketball team became a family. It is crucial that at this age, girls feels like they have close relationships to other girls so they can confide and empower one another. Coach Kim Cardoza, did a great job at crating a space for the girls on the team to “be” but most importantly left rooms for the girls to “become” in Basketball and relationally. We are very confident that the skills and organic relationship that the girls developed on this team will forever be with them!

The girls sportsmanship was amazing!! The Markham Eagles took 2nd in the Portland Parks and Recreations Goldenball league. The girls vibrant and positive attitude was contagious for everyone who watched their games. At the final game the girls embodied so well what Active Children Portland is all about. “The girls received their trophy and looked over at the winning team who were all in a group jumping up and down in celebration. Then they all ran over and wrapped their arms around the champions and cheered with them. I was so proud” says Coach Kim.2

We’ve been telling you all along Active Children Portland is different! If you want to experience this, come to practice,  a game, volunteer with us or donate. Once you start you will not stop, Guaranteed!!

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