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Volunteer Opportunities


Become an AC Portland Coach! Coaches work with a team of 15 students (ages K-8th) for 4 afternoons a week, over 8-10 weeks. You will help your team to improve their skills on the soccer pitch and will also lead them through a curriculum that improves their writing skills, teaches them about their community and provides them with nutrition education! (This is a paid position)


Program Volunteers

Volunteer at any of our 11 program locations as an Assistant Coach and/or as a Writing/Service-Learning Mentor. This position requires an 8-10 week commitment of, at minimum, one afternoon per week.

Special Talents

If you have a unique skill that you are willing to donate, please let us know! We could use help with web design, graphic design, photography, video, and more!

Supporters Section

AC Portland hosts several events throughout the year including a Poetry SLAM, soccer field days, community service days, field improvement days, and summer camps. If your schedule precludes you from making a larger time commitment, we still need you!

THANK YOU in advance for your support! For our kids, having you on their team means more than you could ever know!

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