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“The Markham SUN America SCORES class of 4th and 5th graders worked hard to create poetry that they performed at the “Get Loud! Poetry Slam” in November. Their incredible enthusiasm and discipline earned Markham the Best Group award at the event. Many of the students started out very nervous about public speaking and even sharing their poems with their classmates. They held the paper in front of their face and a read so fast no one could understand them. With guidance and encouragement from the AC Portland intern, students learned to express themselves with much more courage. They practiced almost daily, and after several weeks, the group of young poets had a choreographed performance that included hand movements, group chants and a dance at the end of the show that took the audience by surprise! Two of these young Markham poets were honored and chosen to travel to New York City to perform poetry at the National Poetry Slam in April. This SUN class really showed our youngsters how incredible and rewarding it can be to express themselves through their own voice and composition.”