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Andres Lopez

Andres Lopez

Meet Andres Lopez from Markham Elementary School in SW Portland! During the fall of his 4th grade year, Andres participated in the America SCORES program through Neighborhood Houses’ SUN School.

As his team worked their way through the curriculum, which combines soccer and poetry, Andres’ good attitude and hard work made him stand out both in the classroom and out on the soccer pitch.These attributes, combined with his poetry skills, lead Andres to be one of the two students selected by AC Portland to go to New York last April to participate with 28 other students from around the country in the America SCORES National Poetry SLAM!

Andres had never been on a plane before and so this was certainly a very exciting, if not somewhat nerve wracking, experience for him! Once in New York, his chaperone was delighted to see how Andres, a shy and quiet kid , really came out of his shell and had a great time exploring the sights of the city with his many new friends.

In fact, at the end of the Poetry SLAM when all of the kids were dancing on stage, Andres was having so much fun that he was the last one to exit! He was definitely an audience favorite! Participating in the America SCORES program helped Andres to gain confidence in himself and to have an experience that will hopefully stay with him for a lifetime!