Meet our player of the week, Kapatisok Laila!!

Meet our player of the week, Kapatisok Laila. Kap is a 5th grader at Whitman Elementary. He tells us the story of how he has basically been playing Basketball before even walking. He got his first Basketball when he was only one year old, since then his passion for the sport has only grown. When he was seven years old, he started playing on rec teams. This is his second year playing under Active Children Portland, his favorite team so far.
He remembers last year’s season with a lot of fondness and he is quite excited to be back! Kap tells us the story of his favorite game last season. It had been an intense and close game; the fans were super excited their energy was passed on to the players through chants. It was the last few seconds of the game, the ball was on the other side and he was able to recover it, run down the ball and made the winning point. What he most remembers about this story is the comradery that occurred after the game. Both teams were able to come together at the end of the game and congratulate each other.
Kap has been able to learn a lot from his coach and his teammates. In the past he admits to he has gotten frustrated during games. This past year through our program he has learned about conflict resolution. In games he now feels a lot more relaxed and is able to enjoy the game a lot more.
Kap and his team are having a great year! We are so proud of our player of the week!

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