Do you love soccer? We have the drills and tips to help you develop your skills. It doesn‘t matter if you’re just starting or have played for years. Check out all the information to improve your game, keep moving, and have fun!

Before you start any activity, make sure you Warm-Up for at least 5 minutes! This helps avoid injury and makes sure your muscles and heart are ready to have lots of FUN!

To warm-up, walk around and then jog in place, do some stretching, jumping jacks, or juggle a ball while dribbling. Click on the image for stretches and fun things you can do at home to keep moving. There are activities you can do on your own or with a family member.

Once you’re ready, there are 3 fundamentals, or keys, needed to play soccer. All the exercises and drills below are meant to help you improve your dribbling, passing, and receiving.


Dribbling is the way to move the ball all over the field.

To dribble means to run with the ball in many directions. Keep the ball close to you so you can control where it goes.

You can dribble using your laces, the inside, outside, and sole of your foot.

Keep the ball in front of you! With each step you should touch, or dribble, the ball.

Dribble with both feet. As you get better you can increase your speed and moves!


Passing is important! Along with dribbling, it’s the building block of being a great player. It’s how you move the ball from yourself to a teammate.

The best way to pass is to use the inside part of your foot. Point your toes towards the sky  and kick the ball.

Want to send the ball further, swing your leg with more power.

Imagine a face on the soccer ball, and all you need to do hit the ball right on the nose.


Control the ball when you receive it. If you do, you’ll be able to dribble, pass, or shoot with accuracy, getting the ball to where you want it to go. This sets you and your team up!

You can use the inside, outside, or sole of your foot to receive the ball.

To receive the ball, pull your foot back a little to cushion the ball. If you make full contact the ball will just hit your foot and bounce right out.

All the drills and exercises are here to help you improve the 3 keys of soccer – dribbling, passing, and receiving. Doing all the drills will take about 30 minutes, but go at your own pace. You can do as many or as few of these as you want each day. The goal is to have fun while you improve your skills! Remember to start each practice with a warm-up! No matter how many skills you practice, make sure you cool down at the end of exercise. Just like warming-up, this allows your heart rate to slow and your muscles to ease up. Cool down examples are at the end of each weekly lesson.

Week 1

This week you’ll work on footwork, dribbling, and changing direction. Remember to work at your own pace, rest when you need to, and drink plenty of water!


Ball and Footwork Activities

25 Toe Taps

  • Ball on the ground, make sure the ball is right in front of you. Touch the top of ball with your toes using one foot.
  • As fast as you touch the ball is as fast as you remove your foot and start using the other.
  • Switch between your right and left foot quickly. Be light on your feet. Do not push the ball forward

25 Bells (Small Touches with the ball between your feet)

  • Place the ball between your feet, and start making tiny passes back and forth from one foot to the other by using the inside if your foot.
  • Start slow and increase speed as you get more comfortable.

25 Sticky Tapes

  • Place your foot on the side of the ball, slowly push the ball with the inside
  • Move your foot over the ball to the outside of the ball to “send the ball back” to the inside of your foot
  • Move the ball side to side by using the inside and outside part of your feet, do not kick the ball hard, use soft touches
  • Bend your knees a little bit for better balance
  • This is going to be a lot easier with your dominant foot, but try to use both feet

25 Pull Back-Pushes

  • Place your right foot on top of the ball to pull it back slightly towards you
  • Slide your right foot backwards to stop the ball from going away, the ball should now be touching your laces
  • Give the ball a small push using the top of your foot and as your foot is coming up place the sole of your foot back on the ball so you can repeat the movement
  • Switch to use the left foot and follow the same steps

25 Rolls

  • Place your right foot on top of the ball and drag your foot across the top so the ball rolls under your foot. Do not touch the floor, simply repeat the movement as many times as needed
  • Change your foot, and follow the same steps, make sure to bend your knees a little for better balance

Dribbling – Basic Cone line

  • Place the 4 cones in a straight line about 3 steps from each other
  • Dribble 3 times through the cones back and forth using the inside of your feet only
  • Dribble 3 times through the cones back and forth using the outside of your feet only
  • Dribble 2 times through the cones “rolling” the ball by using the sole of your feet, use left and right.

Change of Direction Dribbling 

  • Put 4 cones in a square shape, 1 at each corner about 5 feet part, or 10 steps of placing one foot right in front of the other
  • Free dribble inside the square use Left foot, Right foot
  • Make sure to change direction, so move from one side to other take your time, find your rhythm.
  • Use the inside of your feet, as well as the outside, add some “rolls” to the dribble
  • Do it once for 1 minute, rest, then repeat two more times.
  • Be creative, have fun with it

Cool Down!

Time to bring your body back to normal from work-out heart and breathing rates.

  • A few minutes of slow jogging. Perform static stretches in a circle. Work up from the bottom or down from the top. Hold stretches for a few seconds. Each exercise should be performed for about 1 minute.
  • Neck: Move head gently side to side and then front to back.
  • Shoulders: Rotate shoulders forward slowly and then back slowly. Next outstretch arms to your sides and make little circles, slightly bigger and finally big circles.
  • Back/hips: Put your hands on your hips and gently rotate your upper body from side to side and then front to back.

Come back each week for new drills and skills!