Meet our player of the week, Trinity Miller!!

Trinity Miller is a 6th grader at Harold Oliver. Goooo Otters! Trinity is a valuable player to the Oliver basketball team. Trinity has played in the past, tackle football and softball but this is her first time playing basketball. Even though it is only her first year, her talent and character radiates through the gym.
trinity jumoing
Trinity tells us that she strongly believes that sports are very important. She struggles with seeing her friends sitting down watching TV or being behind their phone screen. Trinity wants more people to be active and having fun playing sports. We are so proud of how mature she is and how she wants to be a positive influence on her team!
We developed the curriculum so that young people could learn skills, use those skills in game situations and most importantly, reach our youth development goals of providing them opportunities to develop and practice empathy, self-regulation and conflict resolution skills. After talking and observing Trinity, it is very clear that she is growing in these skills. The entire otters team was cheering on for their own team and the opposite one. They were great sports during the game.

The Otters during halftime.

The Otters during halftime.

Trinity loves her coach and has appreciated how much support she has revived from her. She learns a lot from her coach on how to act during games and in general. We can see that Trinity is using her empathy skills when she talk about teammates and other players. Trinity tells us that what’s most important to her is not to win but to get better. We are so proud of Trinity, and we THANK her coach for all the work she does.

Thanks, for supporting the Basketball Games!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the basketball games on Saturday, January 24th. We had some win, some losses and a lot of fun time. All of our teams had great attitudes during the game, cheering their own team as well as the other one. jump shot
Please come out and support this week’s games!

Markham Eagles boy will be playing at Markham at 1:50pm. Markham Girls play at Markham at 9:00am.
Oliver Otters boys will be playing at Kelly at 11:20am.Oliver girls play at Jason Lee at 9:00am.
Whitman Wildcats boys will be playing at Harrison Park at 3:00pm. Whitman girls play at 11:20 am at Faubion.
Cesar Chavez boys will be playing at Cesar Chavez at 9:00am.

Hope to see you there!

Basketball Game Schedule!!

This last Saturday Active Children Portland sites had their first Basketball games of the season!! It was very exciting to see Oliver’s Otters, Markham’s Eagles, Cesar Chavez Cyclones and Whitman’s wildcats express their passion for the game. After putting in a lot of work into the unique practices they felt prepared for their games. The overarching themes that we emphasize during the practices are empathy, self-regulation and conflict resolution. We are looking forward to seeing our players grow and develop these skills while playing the sport they love.

Please come and support these week’s games:

Date Visitor Home Time Location
Jan 24 WH WILDCATS / KENNISON Vs AL Blazers 3:00pm Harrsison

Date Visitor Home Time Location
Jan 24 Wh Wildcats Vs RP RIDERS/PIERRE 11:20am Faubion
Jan 24 OL OTTERS / STROM Vs HP BULLDOGS / WALDEN 3:00pm Harrison Park N.

Basketball Training Success

On Friday January, 9th we held our second basketball training session. This event was an opportunity for coaches from our different sites, to come together and learn the program model and curriculum. This year’s coaches training featured Diana Cutaia who led the trainings through workshops and drills sessions. Our partnership with Diana has been key as we move forward with a Basketball Curriculum. Diana has a strong background in sports and child development, we have really enjoyed learning from her. The overarching themes that we emphasized during this year’s training are empathy, self-regulation and conflict resolution. diana
This year we were able to have most of our training in the gym through active participation which made it more engaging and exciting for our coaches. Diana Cutaia and our Program Director, Jared Hoffman spent a lot of time developing a new kind of way to look at the sport. They developed the curriculum so that young people could learn skills, use those skills in game situations and most importantly, 123reach our youth development goals of providing them opportunities to develop and practice empathy, self-regulation and conflict resolution skills. We are doing this differently because we know that in order to reach these goals, we have to be intentional. While many believe that “sports build character” We know that coaches can influence character development though sport when they are intentional. What’s most important to us is that young people enjoy playing, learn about themselves and how to interact with others and want to make physical activity a lifelong habit.
After hearing the coaches they were thrilled to be doing Basketball in a different type of way. Our linecoaches all were very present and engaed during the entire day. Diana said, “The training was fantastic. The coaches were supporting, teaching and celebrating each other in positive ways! Every coach came to the training with an open mind and an open heart knowing that they weren’t just teaching basketball they were providing a safe, positive, learning environment for young people in their programs! “ Transforming communities through youth sports require a community wide effort and we are grateful for our coaches. Looking forward to a great season with our coaches and players. A huge thank you to our coaches, our staff and adidas for making this training possible!

New Year, New Staff, Meet Kenny Adams!

Meet our newest staff member, Kenny Adams! Kenny has been hired to run the Active Children Portland 50/50 raffle. His job entails recruiting 20 volunteers on a regular basis for the raffle for over 40 Portland Timber soccer games, the Portland Thorns FC games and Portland Trail Blazer games. Kenny is also responsible for assisting Jared Hoffman, Program Manager who oversees an after-school program that combines nutrition education, poetry, sport and service-learning for elementary school students. Kenny will be overseeing the site coordinators and coaches hired as Poetry and Soccer/Basketball Coaches, with an emphasis on working with Poetry Coaches to deliver the poetry and service-learning portions of the program.

The Program Assistant /Raffle coordinator is a critical member of the Active Children Portland team. Kenny has been officially on the job for less than a week and he has already made quite an impact. On January 3rd, we had a 50/50 raffle at the Blazers game where we had a record breaking night with our volunteers. On top of this Kenny has been a key asset in developing a new Basketball curriculum for our young players. We are so thankful for the work Kenny is doing and we are excited for this next year with him.

Kenny has been playing Basketball since he was thirteen in North Carolina. He loves the sport and he strongly believes that because of Basketball was that he was able to stay out of trouble. Basketball was instrumental in his growth process, through the sport he was able to keep focused on his goals and push forward. He took the position with Active Children Portland because he is passionate about youth. He wants to encourage players to play Basketball and grow in the sport but also learn skills that will help them in life. Kenny is super excited to be part of the team and he is all in for the players in our program.

4th Annual Poetry SLAM = Success!

On Saturday, Dec.13th, Active Children Portland hosted our fourth annual poetry slam at Warner Pacific College. Poet-athletes from eight schools joined our poetry slam to share their creativity and hard work. All students who were there participated in America SCORES this fall, a national program that combines soccer and literacy into an after school curriculum for 3rd-5th graders.

Whitman doing their group poem

Whitman doing their group poem

It was a day packed with a lot of fun. We spent the day practicing our poetry on stage so the children would feel confident and comfortable on stage. We also had time to play futsal in the Warner Pacific gym. The kids had so much fun and then we all shared lunch together.gym 2 A big THANK YOU to Chipotle for providing food for our event for the students, volunteers and their families.
After lunch, the Poetry Slam began. School by school went up shared group poems, individual poems, and group cheers. It was great seeing confident players up there having fun. The poetry slam was co-hosted between our Executive Director Ben Dudley and Diana Cutaia from Coaching Peace. They both did an bearamazing job at keeping the audience engaged with their charisma and silliness. Thanks, to both of them for being present.
Towards the end of the day, we started to notice a common theme that was surfacing through many of the student’s poems. Words like family, community, respect and love. Active Children Portland’s mission is to reading poemstransform communities through youth sports. To hear our young poet-athletes sharing our mission was amazing. We are planting seeds with our players and through poetry they are able to share their visions for their communities. Active Children Portland is all in for supporting our players and their communities! A huge thanks to everyone who made this event possible: our players, their coaches, Warner Pacific College, Chipotle, ENACTUS, adidas, Diana and everyone else who supports this program with time, talent and treasure!
black and white

Cooking Matters Grocery Tour!


Our families looking through nutrition facts

Our families looking through nutrition facts

Active Children Portland has partnered with Oregon Food Bank Tour to provide Fred Meyer grocery tours to our families. The tour was held onsite at a local Fred Meyer grocery store. The tour lasted about two hours and it focused on important skills such as comparing unit prices, identifying three ways to purchase produce, finding whole grains and reading food labels. Our Cooking Matters at the Store tours ended with a $10 Challenge, an activity where participants used the skills that they had just learned to buy a healthy meal to feed four people, for under $10! Participants then took home a participant booklet with delicious recipes and additional shopping tips, a reusable grocery bag, and $10 worth of healthy groceries.

Our families had a blast at this event! A mother from Lincoln Park Elementary said ” throughout this tour I learned creative and inexpensive ways to make

Sandra one of our players and her grandma enjoying healthy shopping

Sandra one of our players and her grandma enjoying healthy shopping

meals for my family.” Active Children Portland is excited to being able to provide these tours for our families. These tours are helping by providing information that will empower individuals with the tools to make healthier choices for themselves and their families. Thank you Oregon Food Bank and all of our families for making this tour a possibility!

Meet our Player of the Week, Chaelerpaw Shee!

Meet Chaehlerpaw, a fifth-grader in our program at Davis Elementary that has been with us for three years. Chaelerpaw’s parents were born in Myanmar(Burma), and they escaped to Thailand as refugees, where Chaelerpaw was born. His father was a principal and a successful soccer coach at a school in Thailand. When Chaelerpaw was seven his family came to America. His father’s love for soccer was strong and when he heard about our program, he immediately enrolled him.

When he first joined, Chaelerpaw knew little about soccer and the importance of a healthy diet. However, after three consecutive years in the program his soccer skills have greatly improved and he describes water as his “fuel.” He explains that his soccer team has been very important to him, it has taught him to be healthy and given him a fun outlet. He dreams of being a future Timber player, so he has loved being able to visit the Timbers with his team. His favorite thing by far has been all the friends he has made.

Chaelerpaw’s coach, Ryan describes him as, “passionate about soccer, a good leader for the team, first one to show up and he has great sportsmanship.”

Part of what makes Chaelerpaw such a leader both on and off the field is his positive attitude. He always has a lot of energy and a smile on his face.
Coach Ryan has worked diligently preparing his players for the upcoming poetry slam on December 13th. Chaelerpaw is extremely excited for the poetry slam and for an opportunity to express to his peers and the public his experiences.

Our Executive Director, Ben Dudley adds, “Chaelerpaw joined our program three years ago and barely spoke any English.  I could tell that he was struggling in school because of the language barrier.  I would see the excitement that being able to play soccer brought him each day after a hard day of class.  Now, three years later, he is excelling in both English and in school. I feel that our program was a refuge for him as he was acclimating to America.”

He feels that after three years of being in America his life is much better and that this soccer program has not only helped him learn more about nutrition and how to play soccer, but it has also offered him a place where he can have fun, and just be a kid. We are excited to see what the future has in store for Chaelerpaw and are proud to have him be Active Children Portland’s player-of-the-week.


Active Children Portland is teaming up with American Outlaws PDX for the MLS Cup viewing party!  It is Sunday, December 7th at Mad Greek Deli 12:00pm pst. Please join us and help support a fantastic nonprofit whose soccer-based curriculum provides opportunities for kids to be active and lead healthy lives.AOPDX-B

 A suggested $10 donation to Give!Guide for Active Children Portland is encouraged at the door.

In exchange for the donation, you will receive:
  • ¿Por Qué No? taco
  • Salt & Straw 4 oz. scoop
  • 15% discount at Communion
  • Palace Cakes cupcake
  • $3 off any purchase at Music Millennium
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters coffee drink
  • 40 Chinook Book mobile app discounts
  • $30 ticket from Portland Center Stage
All G!G donors to Active Children Portland will receive a shopping pass for 50 percent off at the Adidas Village Store. Donors of $20+ will receive $10 off Soccer Shots’ winter season. Donations by Adidas employees through the All in for Good program will receive a donation match of 150 percent by Adidas. Sunset Audi will match the first $2500 in Give!Guide donations to Active Children Portland.
In addition, each donor will receive a raffle ticket for some fantastic prizes donated by the Timbers, American Outlaws and adidas to be raffled off during the event.  

 Hope to see you there!

MLS Cup Final Viewing Party

Dec.7th 12:00pm @Mad Greek Deli

1740 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214


Active Children Portland Night at the Moda Center!

The Portland Trail Blazers are excited to team up with Active Children Portland for an exciting night of basketball against the Atlanta Hawks on January 3rd. Active Children Portland is partnering with the Trail Blazers and the Trail Blazers Foundation to host the 50/50 raffle for the night and to enjoy the game with supporters. Tickets are limited so secure yours today!

A portion of the night’s 50/50 proceeds will go back to support Active Children Portland.

A portion of each game ticket purchased through this promotion will also go back to support Active Children Portland.


Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.17.57 PM

 Click here to purchase tickets!